Thursday, February 24, 2011


I tried to write the next part of "No 1 Fan", but I found I was in the mood for a lil poetry instead. Never fear though, I shall return to the Author's tale anon.
Let me know what you think of "Mobius".

I sit here typing endlessly
Waiting for another chance
A shot, a glimpse of eternity
A tiger with no pants

Feel free to rhyme
It is no crime
For all you see
Is all but me

A terror in the turnip field
Came calling at my door
A letter once with steam unsealed
Can be glanced through no more

Another time
A bog of slime
I feel so free
As the swineherds flee

Can you imagine the bonds we broke?
The supple fields, the brook and bridge?
A stranger in a dark green cloak
A fearsome brow upon a ridge

He comes to take
All those who fake
A way outside
To find their pride

Alas, my memory unbroke
A gargoyle turned to me
And then began to fiercely choke
All that was left of thee

Could I have saved
What critics raved
And ranted to be
A fallacy?

I leave these questions in your hands
I tried to let it flow
As lonely hearts and their respective bands
Show'd unto me the way to go

Green fields of jade
For whom they paid
At this arcade
As mem'ries fade
And horses neighed
The butchers weighed
The flesh; a shade
Watched these fair women wander free
I sit here typing endlessly...

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